#11 Crashes with "KeyError: 'pygst'"

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Hi there,
The application has been running brilliantly until tonight.

Machine is a Quad-Core (4 x 2.5Ghz) with 3G RAM, running Kubuntu Karmic Koala with the latest kernel (installed after the crashes started in case this solved the problem).

I had 1.3.5 installed and all was well until tonight.

I have since installed 1.3.9 to see if this fixes the problem.

The error I get is:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/usr/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/pygst.py", line 28, in <module>
import sys
KeyError: 'pygst'
python: Fatal IO error 11 (Resource temporarily unavailable) on X server :0.0.

The error occurs as soon as I attempt to generate the video. This is the same error in both 1.3.5 and 1.3.9.

Weirdly, I have just created a video by opening an older saved photofilmstrip file and running that. It works fine. I've taken out and added photos and it still works fine - until I try to create a new one or save this with the changes. Then it completely screws up.

It has even allowed me to make a video of one of last collection of photos I imported into PFS when it crashed. In other words, I couldn't make a video because of the crash, though I had saved the file. Now, with the new version I can open and make a video using the previous saved file but cannot save any new ones I make.

I'd very much appreciate some assistance with this as I have a big project coming up (DVDs to make for the parents of the children in my son and daughter's school).

Thank you for any assistance you can provide.




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    Anonymous - 2010-06-19

    Thanks for that. Much appreciated.

  • jensgoe

    jensgoe - 2017-02-11
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