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Photoseek 0.3 (Mackey) Released

Photoseek, a comprehensive media management package for image cataloging, is proud to announce release 0.3 (Mackey). This release, based on the phpwebtools kit (available at\) has IPTC editing capability for JPEG images, a tree view, an advanced search page, changable views, and a slew of other amazingly impressive features. Grok it at or ...

Posted by Jeffrey Buchbinder 2000-11-07

Photoseek 0.2.2 Released

Photoseek 0.2.2 has just been released, with a nicer UI, redone database layer, and a whole bunch of great improvements. Grok the premiere Linux/web-based media management system at

Posted by Jeffrey Buchbinder 2000-05-22

Photoseek 0.2.1 Released

Photoseek has a new release, and it is sexier than ever, with inline JPEG IPTC editing support with quick database update, and better searching than ever. Grok it at or visit the homepage, same as ever, at .

Posted by Jeffrey Buchbinder 2000-04-14

Photoseek 0.2 Released

Photoseek 0.2 is ready for mass consumption, although several bugs may remain. An SQL abstraction layer to provide PostgreSQL, etc, support has been added, the image classes have been redesigned, a few bugs in the discovery have been fixed, and some other nifty things have been added. Grok it at

Posted by Jeffrey Buchbinder 2000-03-28

Photoseek 0.1.8 Released

Grok the new version of Photoseek, the automagically indexing IPTC-compatible, GPL'd, fruity and delicious, web-based media management/photo management system. All found at ...

Posted by Jeffrey Buchbinder 2000-03-13

Photoseek 0.1.7 Released

Photoseek 0.1.7 was released today primarily as a bugfix for the breaks and showstoppers in 0.1.6 -- check it out at

Posted by Jeffrey Buchbinder 2000-02-25

Photoseek 0.1.6 Released

Photoseek 0.1.6 has been released. It has some bug fixes, interface improvements, and minor functionality enhancements. Check it out at

Posted by Jeffrey Buchbinder 2000-02-24

Photoseek 0.1.5 Released

Photoseek 0.1.5 has just been released, with the usual paper-bag fixes, a little bit of database reorganization, support for user levels, and a script to discover all repositories. Check it out at

Posted by Jeffrey Buchbinder 2000-02-09

Photoseek 0.1.3 Released

Photoseek v0.1.3 has been released. This is not a neccesary upgrade, but will require a database reinitialization due to changes in the repository SQL table structure. Much more eyecandy, more features and bug squashes. Download from

Posted by Jeffrey Buchbinder 2000-02-01

0.1.2 released

Grab your very own copy of the new, the improved, the fantastic... Photoseek 0.1.2. With more eyecandy and more features. Organize your image repositories with their own internal description fields... <A HREF="">Download</A>

Posted by Jeffrey Buchbinder 2000-01-31

0.1 released

The first official release of Photoseek, version 0.1, has been released. It has repositories support, as well as GIF, JPEG and TIFF image support with Photoshop descriptions, all other formats with standard comments.

Posted by Jeffrey Buchbinder 2000-01-24