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A Web-Based Sequencer Using Google Python App Engine

check it out here:

Languages used: python- for server-side app-engine;
javascript - for the core functionality;
html - for the web;
adobe spry - for translucency of the tracks.
yahoo yui - for drag and drop of sound bars.

note: you need google account to sign-in, and must use firefox. please read the user manual first.


Posted by Fernando Cuevas, Jr. 2009-06-23

hello world!!! :)

hi to everyone! This is my first release of my linux application called photomove: a photo slideshow created using python. Please view the requirements, for it to work properly.

When you run the program: $python
Then go to help->online to view the user manual.

Thanks everyone, I hope you will enjoy.

Posted by Fernando Cuevas, Jr. 2009-06-19