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PhoneID Interviewed

Posted by Naomaru Itoi 2007-06-20

PhoneID 0.2.0 Released

Added Browser Helper

Posted by Naomaru Itoi 2007-06-07

PhoneID 0.1.2 Released

Added UserConfig tool

Posted by Naomaru Itoi 2007-05-31

PhoneID 0.1.1 Released

Added MIDlet download page in ConfigGUI, Bug fixes

Posted by Naomaru Itoi 2007-05-30

PhoneID support in pGINA

Modification to pGINA ( has just been checked in to support retrieving passwords from a mobile phone via PhoneID. pGINA source code in CVS (also hosted at SourceForge) now has the changes.

Posted by Naomaru Itoi 2007-05-29

Installer, ConfigGUI arrived

PhoneID Installer is now available at the Download section. It also includes a newly developed configuration GUI, which walks a user through configuration of PhoneID Service and the mobile phone.

Posted by Naomaru Itoi 2007-05-29

Source code uploaded

First version of PhoneID source code was uploaded to SourceForge on 5/14/2007. It contains the MIDlet, communication Service, C Library, Java Library, config tool, and pGINA-PhoneID Plugin.

Posted by Naomaru Itoi 2007-05-29