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The state of PHLAK

The project will continue to stay in the hands of the founders until it can be re-birthed in the future. We appreciate Mark Reaves for his desired to take over the project, however we are are unable to hand over the project. Development will continue one day, but right now the most important thing to do is take on fatherhood and re-visit PHLAK at a later date.

Posted by Shawn Hawkins 2007-10-15

PHLAK LittleBoy beta1 Released

I hope you will all welcome the newest addition to the PHLAK project. Welcome LittleBoy (aka mini14). Can I get an OO-RAH?!

I developed this version with USB pen drives in mind. You can boot LittleBoy completely from USB pen drives, as long as the computer supports USB booting. It is small (currently 195 MB), lightweight (fluxbox GUI only), fast (thanks to USB 2.0), but still packs a punch (almost all security tools still included)!... read more

Posted by Shawn Hawkins 2005-10-12