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First Upload!

Well, I uploaded some code outlines. Coders, on yer marks! Go!

Let's get cracking.

- Sado

Posted by Ben Garney 2000-02-07

CVS Repository

Well.. I had it cleaned out. Many thanks to the admins of

Let's get coding!

Posted by Ben Garney 2000-02-07

Call to Arms

Alright. It's been a month or two since things have happened here.

It is time - to get to work. Finals are over for most of us. We can get at least some work done on this thing.

It is time. We need to show people what a MUD can be.

It is time - to break down the walls that say what this is, to show people how a game should be.

So go get coding, foo.

- Sado

Posted by Ben Garney 2000-02-06



As you may well be aware, little of note has happened here. This is because the two coders have been utterly consumed with schoolwork. :(

However, both should be getting more free time real soon now, so updates should be forthcoming.

Posted by Ben Garney 2000-01-16

New Project!


Just thought I'd say hi. If you happen to see this project, feel free to offer suggestions or help - we can use it, of course :)

Posted by Ben Garney 2000-01-03

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