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PhatStudio v1.11 released

Hi all,
We're delighted to announce the release of PhatStudio v1.11. Changes in this release include:
- Ability to search on multiple terms. Separate the terms with a space and you will only get matches that match on all terms. For instance, "xy .cpp" will only return matches that contain both "xy" and ".cpp". Submission by Nico.
- VS 2012 support - thanks Eric for pointing out
- several other improvements by isometric_god

Posted by J Stone 2012-09-14

PhatStudio v1.10 released

We've released PhatStudio v1.10. Changes in this release:
- German localization, courtesy of isometric_god
- Fix for PhatStudio on VS2005

Posted by J Stone 2010-10-31

PhatStudio around the world

We're delighted to report that PhatStudio currently has active users from 35 countries around the world!

Top 10 countries by active users:
U.S. 25.6%
Canada 9.2%
Netherlands 6.8%
New Zealand 6.3%
UK 6.3%
Germany 5.8%
Japan 5.3%
South Korea 4.3%
India 3.4%
Sweden 3.4%

The remainer of users are from: Turkey, Russia, Poland, Australia, Norway, Austria, Brazil, Croatia, Pakistan, Philipines, South Africa, Spain, Taiwan, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, China, Columbia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Israel, Italy, Romania, Switzerland, and Vietnam.... read more

Posted by J Stone 2010-10-26

PhatStudio v1.09 released

PhatStudio v1.09 is now released. This version contains a fix so that typing search strings that include a slash ("dir1\file1") work as you'd expect.

Posted by J Stone 2010-10-20

v1.08 released

We're delighted to announce the release of PhatStudio v1.08. Changes in this release include:
- file and path case is now correctly preserved in the file list. (Previously was all lowered.)
- Facebook community link

Posted by J Stone 2010-09-03

Join us on Facebook!

You're invited to come join the PhatStudio community on Facebook.

Our page is at:!/pages/PhatStudio/104277482962256
Hit the "Like" button to join the community and get PhatStudio news in your Facebook stream.

Posted by J Stone 2010-08-18

PhatStudio v1.07 released

We're delighted to announce the release of PhatStudio v1.07. Changes in this release include:
- option to show relative rather than absolute paths - enable via settings dialog
- PhatStudio menus moved under a single submenu
- performance & bug fix
Thanks isometric_god and ragyrss for these contributions.

Posted by J Stone 2010-08-05

PhatStudio v1.06 released

We're pleased to announce the release of PhatStudio v1.06. The one change in this release is a bug fix for crashing when opening a file in a PhatStudio Explorer window.

Thanks Valeriy for the bug report.

Posted by J Stone 2010-07-05

PhatStudio v1.05 released - VS2010 support

We're delighted to announce the release of PhatStudio v1.05, which includes support for Visual Studio 2010.

(There are no other changes in this release, so if you're not running VS2010, there's no particular reason to upgrade.)

Posted by J Stone 2010-06-26

PhatStudio v1.04 released

We're delighted to announce the release of PhatStudio v1.04.

New features include:
- settings dialog that allows fine-grained control of PhatStudio features
- new feature: highlight files in the file list that are already opened in the solution (off by default, can enable via the settings dialog)
- improved/hi-color icons
- Entry in Visual Studio Help->About

Thanks Isometric God who was the sole contributor for these features and this release.

Posted by J Stone 2010-05-16

PhatStudio v1.03 released

We're delighted to announce the release of PhatStudio v1.03. The latest version contains a new feature, switch to related file (alt+S) which will switch between associated files: .cpp and .h/.hpp, .aspx and .aspx.cs, etc.

Thanks to Isometric God for contributing this feature.

Posted by J Stone 2010-04-08

PhatStudio v1.02 released

We are delighted to announce the release of PhatStudio v1.02. Changes in this release:
- bug fix for international versions of Visual Studio
- items inside Solution Items folders are now included
- ability to select & open multiple files
- enter key opens file(s)
- previous filter you typed is remembered next time you return to open file dialog
- full line in file list highlighted

Thanks to Isometric God who was a major contributor to this release.

Posted by J Stone 2010-02-13

Screenshots now available

Screenshots of PhatStudio in action are now available on the screenshots page.

Posted by J Stone 2009-03-01

PhatStudio v1.01 released!

PhatStudio is a Visual Studio plugin that lets you quickly navigate to files in just a few keystrokes, even for very large files. Enjoy!

Posted by J Stone 2009-03-01

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