#5 select resurrection location

David Slimp

Character resurrection is a good thing so players don't
lose their
entire character. Right now it's hard coded that all
are brought back to Gornath when they die.

I think this should be expanded to be player selectable
in this way...
1) All players default to Gornath
2) Allow characters to pray to various gods by visiting
in various cities. They can select to follow a
specific god who
MIGHT grant them some special ability (god of war
gives +1 STR
and +1 DEX.... god of nature gives +5 to max HP,
faster regen
of HP and stamina, etc..)
3) When characters are at a specific church they can
select to become
a member, which set that location as their
ressurection site.

There may be several churches scattered in the world
devoted to the
same god, but the character has to actually travel to
that city in the
first place before joining a church and setting their
resurrection spot.

When the world grows 100 or 1000 times its current
size, then picking
your resurrection spot will be much more sought after.

Any other ideas?


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