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pgst / News: Recent posts

pgst 1.3 Released

pgst, the GNOME-based PostgreSQL tool, has been updated with the following bug fixes and feature improvements:

* Fedora Core 2 now supported!

* Minor focus bug on app startup in Fedora Core 2 fixed.

* Major popdown listbox bug in Fedora Core 2 fixed. Now works in all versions of RedHat and Fedora on the market, currently. More than likely, it will work with your Linux distro too.

* Information on password support in the readme.... read more

Posted by Mike McKee 2004-11-12

The Blog Before Version 1.3

It's been a good couple of months for me. My first venture into open source programming has convinced my wife to see the light and now she thinks I should do more of this. Previously she would not let me do anything but commercial work on the side, because programming does mean I must take time away from my wife and children, but the popularity of pgst has meant that I just might see a donation potential here and yet I can put the software out as is, fix it little by little, get great advice from people, learn from splinter projects off mine, and also prevent my phone ringing from tech support requests. She sees a lot of benefit in that. I have just set up donations on my project site.... read more

Posted by Mike McKee 2004-11-12

pgst-1.2.2 Released

pgst, the GNOME-based PostgreSQL tool, has been updated with the following minor feature improvements:

* The reconstructed install script now prompts you for location to install application. Also, no need for CTRL+C to abort install.

* The key value bug in the Field Editor, where it didn't permit spaces in the key value, has now been repaired.


Posted by Mike McKee 2004-10-16

The Developer Wants Your Feedback

This release is starting to stabilize even more, although printing is still not nearly perfect. I am interested in your feedback on this project, so please take the time to drop me a note.

I'm queuing the next release 1.2.2 so that I can come out with something substantial. Changes so far in the works are:

* Field Editor -- now allows spaces in Key Value.
* Install now prompts you for a better location and also doesn't ask you to do CTRL+C to kill it if not ready to install.... read more

Posted by Mike McKee 2004-10-10

pgst-1.2.1 Released

From Linux, have you ever wanted to use the open source database, PostgreSQL Database Server, but found the GUI tools a little too complex for your tastes? pgst is a new, practical, intuitive GNOME interface for PostgreSQL. A new version of pgst has been released, 1.2.1 (under the Artistic License), and this includes features like:

* SQL query window
* Large and small fonts
* Printing
* Saving data as PDF
* File loading and saving
* Quick tips and shortcuts for common tasks
* Backing up a database or restoring it
* Field editor, useful for long fields so you don't have to create long UPDATE statements and don't have to escape characters like single and double quotes.
* History of ten last statements you typed
* Bookmarks for most popular statements you want to remember
* Four tab pages so that you can do simultaneous SQL statements or use a scratchpad for notes while you work
* Leaves a very small footprint on hard drive
* Has minimal dependencies -- just GNOME, Python, and PyGTK, which comes on most Linux distros.

Posted by Mike McKee 2004-10-07

pgst 1.2.0 Released

pgst, the new, GNOME-based PostgreSQL tool, has now been updated to version 1.2.0. It now has the following improvements:

* GNOME shortcut now works by a fix in the install script.
* Now can see results in large or small font.
* Fixed bug with printing non-UTF-8 characters from SQL results.
* Added advice to the Help menu on how to configure PostgreSQL Stored Procedures.
* 'No Extra Line Wraps' menu, which is on by default. Provides ability to change \r\n sequence in data into printable characters.
* Field Editor. Connect to your database, select your table, select the column to key on, grab your update column, and now you can select and update that single field easily without SELECT or UPDATE statements. This is very useful if you have a long string field that has inclusive single and double quotes, which makes for a slightly difficult UPDATE statement. Instead, the Field Editor can handle this for you.

Posted by Mike McKee 2004-10-05

pgst 1.2.0

I'm about one day away from releasing pgst 1.2.0. New features include:

* Small fonts/Large Fonts toggle
* Bug fix on shortcut creation during installation
* Bug fix on intermittent cut/copy problem after selecting text.
* Field editor for editing large fields so that you don't have to create a very odd UPDATE statement.
* Help item to show you how to turn on a database's stored procedure functionality.... read more

Posted by Mike McKee 2004-10-04

pgst 1.1.0 Released

This project has just released pgst 1.1.0.

Posted by Mike McKee 2004-09-19