Hi everybody.

First of all, a big big thank to Satori and all of you who are helping in
the project.

That said i'd have a small suggestion. I managed to install the server
application despite a small bug.

Actually the installer fails during to post flight script, thus giving me the
opportunity to do what's missing by hand.

The issue is that i have a case-sensitive HFSX file system so that the path
"/Library/PostgreSQL/Version", which is the path that is actually created by
the installer itself, is different from the path "/Library/PostgreSQL/version"
(a capital V vs a small v) which is the path as used in both the
pg_set_version.sh and postflight scripts, so that the version is not set, sym-
links are not created and the server demon is not started.

Nothing that cannot be done by hand, but it would be for sure much nicer to
see to installer ending up with the usual "Installation completed
successfully" message ;-)

Thanks again everybody.