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Plot Graphic Library / News: Recent posts

New Release and new Home Page

Check the newest version at the brand new home page.

All lot of features have benn added : especillay Linear gradients !

Posted by Anonymous 2002-06-04

Installer and Add-In source

Added installer project and AddIn to CVS (PGL-Install and PGLPowerAddIn)

Posted by Anonymous 2002-03-28

Compiled library release 2.0.7

- User friendly installation using MSI
- Added an add-in for Visual Studio C++ : configure your programs for PGL in one lazy click !

Posted by Anonymous 2002-03-27

Subplotting is here!

Yes, now you can do subplots using PGL !
It is (almost) working fine (at least EPS output).

Also added SVG ouput and a msi installer.

Posted by Anonymous 2002-03-27

PGL v2.0.5 release and new documentation release

A new release fixing big bugs released.
Also, HTML doc generated by Doxygen is available (although not quite complete yet)

Posted by Anonymous 2002-03-21

Release 2.0.4

Back to work !
New features available :

line with LOD,
EPSWriter, a library to create EPS.

Posted by Anonymous 2002-03-13

Release 2.0.3

New release, featuring less bugs and a new line type : CPGLLine2DLOD.
This line does fast approxmiation using Douglas-Peukler algorithm.

Posted by Anonymous 2002-01-17

CVS working

CVS is now uptodate and fully operational.
grimaldi has joined the team and he's already contributing. Yes, we are 2 now.

Posted by Anonymous 2001-11-15

Initial release

Source and demo are available.

Posted by Anonymous 2001-11-08