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Today the license is switching from LGPL to BSD which is less restrictive.

Posted by Zlatko Michailov 2006-06-26

pgjobs 1.10 Planned

pgjobs 1.00 uses MSDK 2.00 as a multithreading platform. pgjobs is only supported on the Linux/UNIX platform for now but it is intended to be supported for Windows as well. Generally the code is platform-independent. It is some specific file system paths and characters that are not Windows-compatible. That should be fixed in the near future.

pgjobs should be ported to the MSDK 2.10 platform. That would shrink the baseline significantly and will enable both the daemon and the config tool on Windows. A Windows installation script has to be developed separately.... read more

Posted by Zlatko Michailov 2005-06-21