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CVS repository access disabled.

As of September 2009, the CVS repository will be disabled. We can't provide support for both, git AND CVS any longer.

Users of the developerversion are encouraged to switch to git - its version is also compatible with MikTeX directly.

We are sorry for any inconvenience.

Posted by Christian Feuersänger 2009-09-15

Bugfix release 1.2.2 is out

Version 1.2.2 fixes a problem with colormaps, provides some smaller fixes and some manual improvements.

Posted by Christian Feuersänger 2009-02-16

Bugfix release pgfplots 1.2.1 out

A bug with the samples key has been fixed.

Furthermore, the plot graphics feature has been added.

Posted by Christian Feuersänger 2009-02-12

pgfplots 1.2 released

The new release features a completely rewritten math expression parser with extended data range, colormaps for scatter plots and fine tuning for plot parameters.

The table package has been extended and is now a fully featured table typesetting, computing and postprocessing tool.

A detailed list can be found in the ChangeLog file.

Posted by Christian Feuersänger 2009-02-04

pgfplots 1.1 released

Version 1.1 contains speed improvements, several bugfixes and user interface improvements.

Posted by Christian Feuersänger 2008-08-04

pgfplots v. 1.00 released

PGFPlots v.1.00 has been released. It provides numerous improvements, bar and area plots and simplified typesetting or plotting of numerical tables.

Posted by Christian Feuersänger 2008-06-12