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Version 2.00

The much improved version 2.00 has been released. It has numerous new features and fixed a number of known bugs.

Posted by Till Tantau 2008-02-20

Version 1.18 is out

Version 1.18 is now available for download. Enjoy!

Posted by Till Tantau 2007-06-12

Version 1.09 is out

After one year, a new version is finally available. It has numerous new features, though the basic philosophy and structure remain the same.

Posted by Till Tantau 2006-10-11

version 1.01 is out

A bugfix version of pgf is now available. It fixes some missing files (like the vtex support) and some compatiblity issues like wrong text placement in the old \pgfbox command.

Posted by Till Tantau 2005-11-16

version 0.99 is out

This is definitely the last version before the final version 1.00, which is due at the end of Oct 2005. This latest version has vtex support (finally!).

Posted by Till Tantau 2005-10-19

xfig to pgf/tikz converter in CVS

There is now an xfig to pgf/tikz converter in the CVS. However, this converter is not developped by Till Tantau, but by Thomas Neumann, so please do send any problems/comments on the converter to Till Tantau, but use the sourceforge interface or address Thomas Neumann.

Posted by Till Tantau 2005-09-08

version 0.97 is out

A new version of pgf is out. This will be the last version before the stable version 1.00. The new version 0.97 contains numerous new features, including a tree-drawing mechanism. Since version 1.00 will only contain bugfixes, but will otherwise be essentially this version, users are invited to test this version.

Posted by Till Tantau 2005-09-08

Version 0.96 (beta) is out

The first beta version of the new pgf system is now available. Users are invited to download this version and report bugs through the bug tracking system. Once no more major bugs are reported, a stable release 1.00 will be released.

Posted by Till Tantau 2005-07-06

pgf is now a stand-alone project

The pgf project now has its own place on sourceforge and is no longer a subproject of latex-beamer.

Posted by Till Tantau 2005-06-29