Carlotto Luigi - 2006-11-24

Some times I receive mail in which I do not succeed to answer because of problems on the destination serveur; to why too much full times, to times because of firewall excessive shapes to you. Unfortunately because of these problems I do not succeed to help who asks me information for the installation for pgDesigner and of Gambas2 on just it arranges. In these cases I would advise to try to arrange these problems, or to write directly on the forum of sourceforge.

In any case, a warning to all those that they are trying to install pgDesigner without result: to make attention to notes in the ChangeLog rows that the program accompanies. Often many try to install the program using various versions of Gambas2 from that marked one; this, because of the continuous changes of the bytecode of Gambas2, provokes not the execution of pgDesigner, or errors random.