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  • G.Dimitrov

    G.Dimitrov - 2008-05-25


    I have a project that I made it with version 1.2.5
    Now I install version 1.2.6 of pgDesigner & Gambas 2.6 on my Debian Sid.
    When I try to load my old project (.xml file)in new version I received following error message: "-6 - Wrong version", but when I try to load project as ini-file I received "-3 - Version incorrect".

    I needs of help, how to load project created with version 1.2.5 in version 1.2.6 ?


    • Carlotto Luigi

      Carlotto Luigi - 2008-05-26

      Unfortunately, in recent changes, you missed a check on the correct version of project files.
      Thanks to your report, I immediately the necessary changes.

      Thank you, and forgive me for the error.

      • G.Dimitrov

        G.Dimitrov - 2008-05-26

        I'm very happy to see your new build (1.2.7),
        now I try it, but :

        I load my project(made with 1.2.5) as .ini file without problems, but when I try to load the same project - saved as .xml I received following error message:
        -12 - The object tables <relation::personFK3> they are equal

        I try and following case :
        load successfully project from .ini file, save it as .xml, close & open again pgDesigner and try to open project from new .xml file.
        Result of case is the same error message.

        Please, check this message.


    • Carlotto Luigi

      Carlotto Luigi - 2008-05-28

      I can not reproduce the problem.

      If you can, you can send me sections of the file (INI and XML), on the table and the relation "personFK3"?
      If there are more references, send them also.


      • G.Dimitrov

        G.Dimitrov - 2008-05-28


        now I sent you a small test project saved as ini and xml file.

        I determined a problem place: my table Person have a relation to itself (PersonFK3).
        You can get & see that from my test project on : http://www.varshets.info/dev/pgDesigner/testProject.tar

        In previous version of designer, this relation saved in xml file successfully.


    • Carlotto Luigi

      Carlotto Luigi - 2008-05-29

      I make an analysis of the script and you know I will.


    • Carlotto Luigi

      Carlotto Luigi - 2008-06-01

      Indeed, in the loading of projects by XML file is a control, which verifies that the two tables in the report are not equal. In the procedure for INI file this control does not exist.
      Probably this audit was inserted later, forgetting to add to the INI file.
      By analyzing the problem, in fact you can create reports on the same table, so I will make the necessary changes to eliminate this control.
      I hope shortly to publish the new version.

      Thanks for your help!


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