• CArlos Tineo

    CArlos Tineo - 2008-05-29

    Hi the code source 1.2.7 (and other) running under gambas is using kbuildsycoca there are any way to use under gnome only

    • Carlotto Luigi

      Carlotto Luigi - 2008-05-29

      Forgive me, but with the English language I have many problems, and use a translation software (I am Italian).
      If I understood correctly, you're using pgDesigner Gnome environment through "kbuildsycoca" which I believe is used as a tool to start KDE applications.
      In internet I noticed that many people complain about some problems with this program, in particular do not understand the mimetype.
      You have the same problems?

    • CArlos Tineo

      CArlos Tineo - 2008-05-29

      The program runs well. I use gnome with gambas and the bookshops KDE base to run some programs of KDE. but I saw that when run pgdesigner this call to the bookshops KDE base and not native them for gnome.
      My english too is bad (I am from Venezuela)

    • Carlotto Luigi

      Carlotto Luigi - 2008-06-01

      Well, then we can also write in alien ... :-)

      Apart from the joke, I think it is normal for launching a program called KDE are its base library; pgDesigner is set on KDE libraries (not GTK), and then those are called KDE.
      The important thing is that everything works well.


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