#26 CTRL+ALT+S, seriously?


Hi. I've just started using PgDesigner today and I like it! I pretty much created a new project and started cracking at modelling the database for a new application, which was fine and dandy. As everyone who works on code, I have a trigger-happy CTRL+S habit, so I never lose any work by sudden crashes and such: it's just natural to CTRL+S from time to time. Anyway, about half an hour in designing later, PgDesigner crashed on me because of what seems to be a Null object:

CObjectContainer.RemoveRelationFields.1373: #13: Null object
0: CObjectContainer.RemoveRelationFields.1373
1: PProjectPanel.RemoveRelationFields.1909
2: PProjectPanel.WPObject_MouseDown.738

That sucked, but hey, I don't check for Null objects everywhere in all of my code either, so I can relate. What I found when I restarted the program though was a little disturbing: I found nothing. Why? Because you have to press CTRL+ALT+S to save a file, instead of CTRL+S, which is the de facto standard. I would urge you to think about this for a little longer, it would be a bad thing if people lose their work, while they continuously think they've actually saved the file. CTRL+S seems to be ignored, so why don't you support both?


  • Carlotto Luigi

    Carlotto Luigi - 2010-06-14
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  • Carlotto Luigi

    Carlotto Luigi - 2010-06-14

    Indeed, the key combination to save the project, CTRL-ALT-S. It 'true that normally used the combination is Ctrl-S, but many applications use the three buttons.
    Anyway, I am aware that the application has some issues not just perfect, and is also why I'm working on a new version of pgDesigner. Unfortunately this time I have some problems, which do not allow me to work on this new version, so I can not say when it is published, even if already operating at 90%, and available on the sf.net repository.

    Returning to the error report, I need to know which version of Gambas and pgDesigner're using. The anomaly seems to me on a reported problem correct on a previous release.
    You can indicate the versions used?

    Thank you.

  • Carlotto Luigi

    Carlotto Luigi - 2011-05-07
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