Hi Jim,

If your example is simple enough, perhaps you could send it as a tarball so that I can take a closer look?

The most obvious guess I have at this point is that you do not have a testSuites.inc file that the main driver uses to pull in all of your test suite objects from the various files.   The 1.0 release of pfunit had automated this step to reduce human error, but there were a number of downsides including perversely complicated Makefiles and reduced user control for running subsets.


- Tom

On Nov 22, 2013, at 1:49 PM, Jim Edwards <jedwards@ucar.edu> wrote:

I've written my first simple pfunit test which very much follows the pattern of the
beforeAfter.pf test in Examples/MPI_Halo/Semi-Automatic/tests  I've tried that test and it appears to work correctly.  

But when I try to run my test it never seems to invoke my before,after or mpiTest routines -
it outputs:

 Time:         0.008 seconds
 (0 test)

from all of the mpi ranks and that's all I can get it to do.

It all appears to compile and link correctly - where am I going wrong?
Jim Edwards

CESM Software Engineering Group
National Center for Atmospheric Research
Boulder, CO
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