This release is a complete rewrite of pFUnit that is intended to be easier to use and far more extensible than its predecessor.    

A quick highlight of new features:

For those that are interested in the details, the overall design follows closely that of JUnit 4.11.

For the moment, there is very little in the way of useful documentation.  However, the examples in ./Examples are being maintained and are hopefully self explanatory to those with familiarity with the earlier pFUnit or other xUnit frameworks.

To obtain the code use git to clone - the code is on the master branch.   If you want stability, you may want to checkout the pfunit_2.0_beta branch which will only update for bug fixes for this release.

This release should work well under ifort 13.1, gfortran 4.8, and nag 5.3 (907) under Linux and OS X.    Because we are pushing the limits of compiler support for F2003, users should expect to stay current with compiler releases from these vendors.

We very much want feedback - please post on sourceforge if you have issues, questions, requests, or even kudos to share.


- Tom

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