#20 Basic Mock Object Services


Basic framework support including repository & fixture capability for mocks (objects, procedures) with prototype sketches for supporting expectations. Minimal automation, i.e. mocks are hand-written, with more support aimed for version 4 or beyond.


  • Michael L. Rilee

    I fired off a followup question to Hal Finkel. He mentioned the need for mocking MPI and suggested providing that as infrastructure.

    It is not clear to me if he was thinking of an MPI stub or if he really saw a reasonable way to mock MPI in a generic way. Our existing methodology would require different customization for each use case. I can imagine a standardized set of “setters” and a suite of mock MPI procedures that would internally use those values.

    If there is something useful there, I would like to add it as a service in pFUnit. I’ll keep you posted.


  • Michael L. Rilee

    • Priority: 5 --> 2

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