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PHP 4 falls off the support map

I recently tried installing PfP on a PHP 5.2.1 box and had lots of problems. I'm currently working my way through fixing them. The cleanest fixes to most problems do not back-port to PHP4.

I expect that most of the people to whom PfP will appeal are already on some flavour of PHP5, so I have decided to drop PHP4 support.

If anyone wants to maintain a PHP4 fork - then by all means contact me.

Posted by Colin McKinnon 2008-01-22

Beta2 released

Hi all,

Beta 2.0 now released (but the filename says pfp-beta1.0.tgz in the downloads). The code is getting cleaner and you can now have widgets spanning more than one column/row.


Posted by Colin McKinnon 2007-10-29

Beta1 released

In addition, lots of documentation.

Looking for feedback!

Posted by Colin McKinnon 2005-10-08

New release

I've been actively developing the package (when time allows!) and here's the result. The code is a lot cleaner, and actually runs slightly faster. A lot of bugs have been squished. I would have made this a 'beta' release but there's still a problem with radio buttons which may require architecture changes to the widget and I've yet to start on the database wizard.
I've added a 'raw' widget which lets the developer do really stupid things, but I did find that there were some problems I wanted to solve which just weren't practical using the base widget set (like the popup file selector).
Looking forward to your feedback - good & bad.... read more

Posted by Colin McKinnon 2005-04-07

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