Updating to 5.3

  • Bojan Zdrnja

    Bojan Zdrnja - 2014-03-21


    First of all - great job with ProjectForge :)

    I have version 5.2 running without any problems, using a local PostgreSQL database.
    I'd like to upgrade to 5.3, however in Administration -> Update system I have no Update scripts.
    If I click on show all, I can see old ones, i.e. the last one is:

    ProjectForge 5.2 2013-05-13 ALREADY_UPDATED Adds t_fibu_auftrag_position.time_of_performance_{start|end}, t_script.file{_name} and changes type of t_script.script{_backup} to byte[].

    What's the procedure for upgrading to 5.3 manually and any idea why this auto system does not show 5.3?



  • Kai Reinhard

    Kai Reinhard - 2014-03-25

    Hi, the procedure is to start ProjectForge 5.3 on your database version 5.2 (please make a database-dump and backup of your working directory before).
    The update scripts are part of the 5.3 web archive (war).
    Then after log-in you should be redirected automatically to the update screen.
    For a manual update of your database schema please refer:


    Last edit: Kai Reinhard 2014-03-25

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