Assign Task/ToDo to group

  • Slind

    Slind - 2013-06-14


    im looking for an option which allows me to assign a new task or todo to an whole group. So that the first user who sees it and has the time can claim it. Is there a way which allows this ? Or is ProjectForge the wrong Project Manageing program for me ?
    I looked into a lot of webbased project managers but it looks like no one of them has the possibility to create new tasks/todos for groups.

    An example:
    Peter a designer needs someone to check out his new design, so he creates a task/todo for everyone.
    Max found a bug in one of the plugins so he creates a new bug task/todo and assigns it to the developers and the next developer who has time can claim it and look into it.

    Is anything like this possible with ProjectForge, if not do you now webbased program which can do this ? Or do i have to create my own one ?

  • Kai Reinhard

    Kai Reinhard - 2013-06-16


    you may add todo's to a single group. Every member of this group has access to this todo.

    If you miss something in ProjectForge, you may fork ProjectForge and add this feature instead of implementing a new project management software. If this feature seems to be useful for other please feel free to send us a pull request.

    If you need further help, don't hesitate to contact us.



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