#5 expect on multiple children at once (select)


There is a feature of TCL-expect that I really miss on
pexpect: being able to wait on a number of spawn
children within a single command. I guess my way of
better describing it would be by example:

child1 = pexpect.spawn ('ftp site1.org')
child2 = pexpect.spawn ('ftp site2.org')
child3 = pexpect.spawn ('ftp site3.org')

strExpect = 'Name .*: '

result, childMatch = expectSelect( (child1, strExpect), \ (child2, strExpect), \ (child3, strExpect) )

if (!result):
print "timed out on all children"

if (childMatch == 1):
print "matched on child 1"

The main idea of this feature request is that we obtain
a _select_ behavior such that a single execution thread
can continue as soon as the first match (or timeout)
takes place in any of the children in a list provided.

TCL expect allows for that by providing a list of
spawned ids in the -i flag. This is extremely useful
for performance reasons when dealing with multiple
children that are spawned cincurrently.



  • Thomas Kluyver

    Thomas Kluyver - 2014-06-03
    • status: open --> closed
    • Group: --> Next Release (example)
  • Thomas Kluyver

    Thomas Kluyver - 2014-06-03

    This is now being tracked as issue 50 on Github, so I'm closing this copy.


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