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alpha eclipse plugin

Aplha eclipse plugin available at (set this path inside eclipse as new remote site). Source snapshot being published (libraries + plugins )

Posted by naarani 2007-06-26

library sources available [ver]

The libraries are being used by NAgenda eLawManager and eLawOffice [here on sourceforge]

Posted by naarani 2007-02-27

svn bye bye

Svn on sourceforge with eclipse is awful: all will be moved back to cvs. Less features but at least 1/1000 bugs.

Posted by naarani 2006-11-29

New Web + Tutorial

New italian website plut basic tutorial available

Posted by naarani 2006-04-06

Vjrtua Axess 0.6 still alpha but going to beta

This is Vjrtua Axess 0.6, it's an aplha release.


Buil an M$-Access/Filez Maker like tool working on mysql and postgresql :
however application could be extend to manage more users and to be
fully customized as needed, application will work on many OS with
the same interface and without code-rebuilding.


* Works with MYSQL 4.1 ( even with 4.0 but 4.1 is preferred )
* Table creation and management
* Table record locking from library features ( skipping mysql problems )
* Mask -----> Module creation and management
* User creation and management in the application and on Mysql.
* Upgrade management systems : tables are tracked into a CVS like system
* Developer plugin user-friendly "Bronto 1.0" to manage all this features
* Extensible platform with Java plugins
* Field customization : requires java developers... read more

Posted by naarani 2005-11-22

Vjrtua axess 0.5 alpha

It's an acce$$like application:
more features, good bugfixing, near beta status

Posted by naarani 2005-11-20

added screenshot from Vjrtua Axess

added a screenshot of application designer available into Vjrtua Axess, with table/mask(module) creation, update, mantainment, etc etc

Posted by naarani 2005-11-19

Published Vjrtua Axess for Mysql

Vjrtua Axess it's an ms-access/filemaker like development tool, based on Mysql database, to design tables and data-mask (modules) and then drawing/customing the modules mask.

*after usual java starup the application IS FAST
*tables are tracked with cvs like features
*visual design with RAD features
*java library to extend the application created
*module to create users and assign user rights, without even knowing how mysql manage 'em
*database creation and reusing of code to make new installations and upgrade previous installations
*wokring with reporting tools ( java like as jasp* )

Posted by naarani 2005-11-14

check the library LIVE

the library is used inside the elawmanager project here on sourceforge, see it ALIVE.

The cvs server always holds the library last sourcecode, it's up to date, and full. However while all the code now is english some messages are still in italian, and the documentation is still missing (sorry but still have no time, and doing it while i've soma spare time)

Posted by naarani 2005-07-08

Personal Access release

Java RAD library
Quicly develop, debug, update and setup new procedures working with MySql, Hsqldb, managing user trusts on tables, tables CVS, mask design, etc,etc [check to see the library in action]

Last features:
.added support for hsqldb standalone
.added .jar release
.reduced memory use
[all the changes reported into the .zip release]
.autosetup features for first time user [not for the library but for the application using it]

Posted by naarani 2004-11-20

Personal Access release

This snapshost holds all the class, jar/lib, and source files used.
Some bug fixed, new .dat cache files format.

Posted by naarani 2004-11-14

problems reported, using snapshot files

Some users reported problems, using the snapshot files. Trying to solve this problem, i'm making new snapshots, creating snapshots in a different way, hoping this will make simpler to check what's in the library. I'll upload 'em asap.

Posted by naarani 2004-11-10

Personal Access release

naarani Personal Access library
[full working only with MySql, some features with HsqlDb]

The library is cross-platform and manages :

1) table creation, updates, trace and automatic UPGRADES. Table and mask managment could be done during the debugging [full working inside eclipse]

2) automatic mask creation based on table fields.
Customization of the masks. Managment of sub tables, aliases on fields, etc... read more

Posted by naarani 2004-11-06

all the code is on CVS

All the code of the library, needed to run programs
is on the CVS server.
You can check it with a browser at :
[it will take at least eight hours for the server to be refreshed and show the last uploaded files]

However it's possible to DOWNLOAD all NOW, with Eclipse and all the programs available to manage CVS data.
[There are 2 projects on SourceForge and Instructions about how to run 'em]... read more

Posted by naarani 2004-11-06

CVS "open" : first commit

Starting to publish source code to cvs ;-)

Posted by naarani 2004-10-24

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