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Latest PerlWebServer code is in CVS

Ok, ok, ok! It's been a long time since there's been any real work done on the perlwebserver. But I have always kept it in the back of my head, even when I haven't had any time to work on it.

Since the last release (version 0.3), I have started using the CVS repository on Sourceforge to keep track of my continued work. You can check out the latest code there!

I will try to get out version 0.4 as soon as I can, seeing that it is long overdue. Thanks to everyone for their support!

Posted by Spencer Christensen 2002-06-06

PerlWebServer 0.3 released!

Version 0.3 brings PerlWebServer to a more stable level, and brings new features. There is now support for user web space, and for server side includes! Check out the most stable version yet!!!

Posted by Spencer Christensen 2000-12-15

PerlWebServer 0.2 released!

The new release of perlwebserver 0.2 adds a lot of new features to this project. One main feature is a simple system for adding modules to the server for handling content. This release comes with a mod_cgi module for handling CGI execution. It also comes with a mod_homer module (displays random Homer Simpson quotes), to be an example of how to create modules.
This system will expand in the next releases to allow for URL translation and include authentication and authorization. This really opens up the server to handle a lot of things in the future.
I ran into some problems with forking on Windows machines, so I disabled the forking on all non-UNIX type machines. This is a hack to simply get it to work, but I feel there might be other solutions out there. So, I am open to any suggestions (maybe a threaded version?).

Posted by Spencer Christensen 2000-11-14

PerWebServer 0.1 released!

PerlWebServer version 0.1 is ready for release, after coming dangerously close to having the whole project end. It was brought to my attention that there have been serveral attempts at doing a web server in perl. After I did a lot of research into several of these servers, I am still pleased with the work that has been done, and feel that this server has much more potential. So, with that, I have continued on!
Version 0.1 has brought an entire new design with it. The server is now set up much more modular, and will allow for better growth and make it easier to use and set up.
Future versions will incorporate system and user defined modules to expand the capabilities of the server.

Posted by Spencer Christensen 2000-10-19

Version 0.04 released

Perlwebserver 0.04 has been released. There have been a few changes, but nothing very dramatic. This will be the last 0.0x release. Big changes are planned for the next version, which will be version 0.1, mostly in the basic architecture. Features to look for in the future: loadable modules, better security, and forking processes.

Posted by Spencer Christensen 2000-09-24

Initial Announcement

Just wanted to get the ball rolling with this one. I am excited to have this project on SourceForge, it'll be nice to have some help. I have been working on this for a while on my own, and now thought it should be opened up.

Posted by Spencer Christensen 2000-08-10

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