#7 Perl::Tidy::Safe


I've heard from people using Perl::Tidy that sometimes
you have to tweak the rules because it can at times
produce broken code.

With the creation of Perl::Signature, it should now be
possible to create a "verify" feature, or alternatively
a seperate Perl::Tidy::Safe module, which could
generate the "functional signature" of the code before
and after the tidying and verify that the code has not

While I gather that in most cases the code would break
fairly obviously, this might help formalise the issue.

Perl::Signature is fairly heavy, so I'd probably tend
towards Perl::Tidy::Safe, with an identical interface,
although making it an optional feature that only checks
at runtime might work too.


  • Steve Hancock

    Steve Hancock - 2006-06-23

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    I appologize for not responding sooner. I never get email
    notices from sourceforge when something changes, and things
    have been so quiet with perltidy for so long that I haven't
    been checking for new feature requests here. Having a
    reliable verification method is obviously very desirable.
    My past experience with verification schemes leads me to
    think that it is much better to create a wrapper script
    around perltidy rather than to build any functionality
    directly into it. That way it can be maintained and
    developed independently as issues arise and as the
    verification technology advances. Another factor is that I
    noticed that installing Perl::Signature is non-trivial.
    Many perltidy users are first-time Perl programmers, often
    on older systems, and would have trouble with installation.
    So I think the best approach is the development of a wrapper.

  • Steve Hancock

    Steve Hancock - 2006-06-23
    • status: open --> closed

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