pixmap not loading on button at runtime

  • durga

    durga - 2005-06-20

    hi, i am newbie to perlqt.....it made me easy in devloping gui but i have a problem in getting image on button. during design time button was showing pixmap on it....but when running perl script after compiling with PUIC, i could not see the same pixmap on button...
    can anyone help me from this problem....
    note: path of image is specified.
    thanks in advance......

    • germain garand

      germain garand - 2005-06-20

      did you save your pixmaps inline?

      right click on form => Fom Settings =>Save inline checkbox.

      You can also use external pixmaps but then you need to generate an image collection with puic and then 'use' it. See puic --help or the documentation.


    • durga

      durga - 2005-06-21

      thanks for ur reply.....
      i got the solution...
      instead of setPixmap i used setPaletteBackgroundPixmap method of pushbutton..its working fine.....


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