• Norman Yamada

    Norman Yamada - 2002-09-19

    Quite impressed with your hard work...

    One quick question -- QSql objects -- i.e., QSqlDatabase, etc, don't seem to work. I see the bindings in my smoke directory, but PerlQt can't seem to AUTOLOAD these objects.

    Is there any plan to add this? I don't think it would be so hard, since the kalyptus DataDict and smoke seem to create proper code for these QT classes.


    • germain garand

      germain garand - 2002-09-19


      Could you please be more specific on the issues you encountered with database classes (such as code sippets and error messages) ?
      Database widget use is implemented in puic and as far as my tests went, they behaved correctly...

      Try to create a Database form in the Designer using for instance a QDataTable, then run puic on the .ui file as follow :
          puic -x -o your_form.pl your_form.ui

      Then adjust the Database connections parameters at the bottom of the produced program (there will be a template, you can't miss it).



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