PerlQt-3 on Air

  • germain garand

    germain garand - 2002-09-12

    PerlQt-3 has now reached a level of usability that makes it worth releasing.
    It comes with a ./configure framework, a complete GUI generator named puic, along with examples and documentation.

    We hope you'll enjoy it.

    Ashley Winters has stopped working on PerlQt-3 a month ago and I'm now the only maintainer and developer, though my  programming skills are vastly inferior to Ashley's...
    If you've got some fair Perl XS programming knowledge and wish to give a hand, please do... You are quite welcome !


    G. Garand

    • Ashley Winters

      Ashley Winters - 2002-09-17

      Or someone could pay me to develop on PerlQt. I'm quite poor, after all. :)

      Great work, Germain!

      Ashley Winters

    • jon morley

      jon morley - 2005-07-18

      I have been using perlQt for about a year now, over a couple of releases. I work with a lot of perl day to day as well as Qt and KDE. I have been truly impressed with the modules that have come from this project. However, from time to time it has taken me a great deal of work to sort out some issues in my own perlQt code.

      In general I would like to find more documentation, examples, and possibly other developers to question. I am at a bit of a crossroads in my own
      UI API choice and I would like to know more about the state of developement of perlQt and know the best places to seek other knowledgeable perlQt developers and resources. So please let me know.


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