Don Glowka - 2003-01-31


You have done an extraordinarily good job on the PerlQt interface ! I have a question regarding licensing. If I purchase a Qt Professional license, can I develop commercial applications with PerlQt ? It  seems like that would violate the GPL version 2.  Do you offer other licenses ? I found the following question and answer on the TrollTech website, is it true ?
Thanks for any clarification you can provide.


Here's the question and answer from TrollTech's site :

Can I develop commercial applications with PerlQt or PyQt or other Qt wrappers?

Yes, if you have purchased a Qt Professional or Enterprise license. The licensing conditions are the same whether
you use the Qt API directly in C++, or you use it through some API wrapper in another programming language. This
means that all developers that write code containing calls to the Qt API (directly or through a wrapper) require Qt