QT3.1 support?

  • Richard Evans

    Richard Evans - 2002-11-19

    Hello Germain

    I've just had an abortive attempt to get PerlQT working with QT3.1 on RH8, and noticed the CVS source mentioning recent changes for 3.1.

    So does the current CVS source work with QT3.1 or should I wait a bit?

    I can test on RH8, SuSE 8.1 if thats any help - I would say MDK9 as well, but thats my main box and I dont want to break it :)

    Thanks again for the excellent work,

    • germain garand

      germain garand - 2002-11-19

      Hi Richard,

      Yes you should definetly go CVS.
      Since 3.002, no major structural change as been commited, only bugfixes, small
      improvements and Qt-3.1 fixes.
      I'll probably release a new version with current CVS in a few days.


      • Richard Evans

        Richard Evans - 2002-11-20

        Thanks - I'll have a go with the CVS cource tomorrow.


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