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PerlComposer / News: Recent posts

RPM of GtkExText is available.

You need it to use the PerlComposer RPM packages released before.

Posted by YuChung Wang 2000-08-06

RPM packages of PerlComposer 0.5.1 are availables

Posted by YuChung Wang 2000-08-06

PerlComposer 0.5 is available

In this version, PerlComposer got better editor based on GtkExText, simple menubar support, Gtk::Table support and
some bug fixes. I intend to produce a beta from this release. Please give me any suggestions, bug reports and even improvement. You're welcome to join this effort to create a VB for UNIX. We need people to write widget, visual design dialogbox and documents. In addition, we need people to package the binary as RPM,SEB or other formats as well.

Posted by YuChung Wang 2000-06-30

The PerlComposer is available in CVS repository.

PerlComposer, a VB for UNIX, is available in CVS right now. The latest version support sixteen Gtk widgets including all three container classes. The editor is based on GtkExText which support syntax highlight and intelligent indentation. A class viewer can help the programmer find the definition of signal handlers easily.

Posted by YuChung Wang 2000-06-28