I was running the "win32-gui-demos" after installing version 1.05 of Win32-GUI.
While playing around with the AnimateWindow.pl program I noticed that if you clicked on
the bottom left checkbox, and tried to hide/show the animated window, it generated and error saying
that "bltr" was an unrecognized direction.
First I did a google search for some report of this error, and then I joined this list, and searched the list for some report of the problem.
Since I didn't turn up anything, I started poking around in the GUI.pm code and discovered that there was
a type there (or at least it appears to me to be a typo).
On line 441 the regex that is used to recognize directions has 'blrt' instead of 'bltr'.
(also the comment line on 404 has the same thing)
From look of the way the rest of the directions were listed, it seemd to me that it OUGHT to read 'bltr' which is what the AnimateWindow.pl program uses.
When I changed the regex to bltr, then the AnimateWindow.pl worked correctly (and animated correctly).
I'm not sure WHO needs to know about this error/fix, but I figured this list was a good place to start.

Tim Hansell