Hi, I'm having some trouble with getting an idea I have (that I think will work) actually implemented in Perl.


I work at a job that has me connecting to various systems all over the place with the command prompt (Win32 environment). I also have a rather large collection of scripts, batch files, and commands that I use frequently on the systems I connect to. What I'm trying to do is to reduce some of the repetitive tasks while working on these systems.


I want to have a command prompt that basically has a toolbar of sorts associated with it, which will have buttons for my most used scripts/commands/etc, so that when I click on a button the information is either pasted to the window, or the script launches in the background on the appropriate system. I have tried researching this online via Google without much luck. (Searching for things like wrapping command prompt, etc.)


I already have a Perl script that makes my connections for me, which I run from a regular command prompt, and then the connection script backticks out the remote console application. So I am either looking to add the functionality to that script, or if I could get a command prompt wrapped into a Perl window, I could add the connection script to it

Any suggestions or pointers of where I can look for more information?


- Craig