Hi All,

I have been talking with Rob May about taking on the administration a web site for the Win32::Gui project. The current wiki no longer allows editing because of problems with spam, and the lack of time to get everything fixed.

I have been digging around and familiarizing myself with the offerings at sourceforge to see what might make a good base for the community. Sourceforge offers two interesting possibilities:
1. MediWiki Originally written for Wikipedia this is an excellent wiki product.
2. phpWebsite PhpWebsite is a content management system that allows the development of a full-featured web site, including (in the latest release) a wiki, blogging, and many other community-building features.

Personally I lean toward phpWebsite. I'd like to hear from people what they would like to see on a win32::Gui website/wiki, how many would be willing to contribute content, assist with site managment and maintenance, and so on.

Please reply to the list with your thoughts, comments and suggestions.



Steve Bondy