gui builder by David Hiltz "gb109" wich you can download from:
does not run correctly in perl 5.8-5.10 using their appropriate win32-gui
i have tried perl 5.6 with win-api and an old win32-gui,
and it is stable , so you can design small forms and save them , after that
you can add your code, and any corrections, and run it in perl 5.8...5.10
because it is hard to switch to perl 5.6 to run the program,
i have used pdk 6 to convert the gb.pl file to the executable gb.exe
so to play with a small number (but important) of win32-gui toys just run the gb.exe, and
please keep this file it its folder
sometimes we do not see the toolbar buttons, i have found that just
double click the file widgets.bmp to open it will correct the problem.
download the new gb109.rar file from: