Hi Rob,
Thanks for the reply... Agree that I don't want to bloat the code and whist doing a bit more searching via the web, I found someone else similar plight and found a reference to the SDK. This is most likely the best option.
I installed the Platform SDK from my MSDN subscription (should be the same) and get two extra directories:
Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003 (two sub dirs: Common7 and Vc7)
Microsoft .NET
both of which contain 'include' and 'lib' directories.
In Visual C++ menu Tools->Options [Directories] tab I've set both the includes and lib paths Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003, and pushed them to the top of their lists.
Do I have to do the same for the Microsoft .NET directory.
Also noted that there is no 'commctrl.h' file in the .NET one either, so not sure how it works.
Are there any other settings that had to be changed. I tried compiling again with these new settings and got the same error.
In the meantime I've re-compiled using MinGW till I get it sorted.
The reason I mentioned that Jez may be in the same boat, was because he installed the same version of Visual Studio and when I sent him toolbar.pl he got the same error, although he also had MinGW to fall back on.
The reference to MinGW was that I wondered if I could use the MinGW header files instead of the Microsoft ones, but they appear to be in a difference format, so I'm guessing no...

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> Chris Wearn wrote:
> > Hi Rob,
> >
> > Have checked my commctrl.h file and it is dated 1998 and stated as
> being
> > v1.2
> >
> > The includes are directly from installing VS98 and SP6
> >
> > The header file IS missing TBSTYLE_EX_MIXEDBUTTONS. If I define it:
> >
> > #define TBSTYLE_EX_MIXEDBUTTONS 0x00000008 and re-compile, it then
> > protests that it is missing BTNS_SHOWTEXT.
> >
> > Clearly the commctrl.h file is out of date. I was under the
> impression
> > you were using the same compiler. Can the include headers from .NET
> be
> > used. If not how do you update the headers (and what other resources
> > need to be updated).
> I am indeed using the VC 6 compiler, but I am pointing it at the header
> files from the latest Platform SDK.
> The latest SDK can be downloaded from MS at:
> http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyId=A55B6B43-E24F-
> 4EA3-A93E-40C0EC4F68E5&displaylang=en
> I downloaded the ISO image (~400MB) and burned a CD, but there are
> other
> options - see links on the page.
> You then need to set up your environment variables (INCLUDE and LIB) to
> point to the correct SDK directories before the VC98 directories.
> > I tried the Win32api includes from MinGW, however BTNS_SHOWTEXT was
> not
> > found in commctrl.h from MinGW either.
> What version of MinGW headers?  Latest is 3.2 (look in w32api.h to find
> your current version), and that has it defined.
> > I think Jez is in the same boat, as he couldn't run the script
> either,
> > the other day without the same error.
> I know from previous discussions with Jez that he's using quite an old
> MinGW build.
> Regards,
> Rob.
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