Hi Perl Win32::GUI users!

When calling Win32::GUI::BrowseForFolder(), the desktop (naturally) has several earlier windows on it. The BrowseForFolder() window hides behind those windows. This can be confusing and annoying, because sometimes you don't realize the program is asking you for a folder name, and you may think there is a bug. 

(This is in difference from Win32::GUI::GetOpenFileName() or GetSaveFileName(), which do pop up in the foreground!).

My question is: how to make BrowseForFolder() come to the foreground?

One possibility is to find its handle, and then raise it to the foreground.

Can anyone suggest how to do it?

Note that

-addexstyle => WS_EX_TOPMOST

doesn't have any effect (see below).

Many TIA


Code snippet:

$InputDir = Win32::GUI::BrowseForFolder( -root => $TopDir, -includefiles => 1, -title => 'Select directory for parameter file', -text =>'text Selext directory for parameter file', -size => [50/100*$dw, 50/100*$dh], -addexstyle => WS_EX_TOPMOST,);