And I though I was asking an easy question.  How do I get the code in the link to work with a perl script?



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Re: [win32gui] [perl-win32-gui-users] Extened windows style

Robert May wrote:
>> The problem I'm having is that when I maximize the window of any
>> other application it has part of it hidden by this window, usually
>> the scroll bar.  Is there an option to set so that anytime I maximize
>> another window it will take up the entire screen minus this window?
> I'm sure there is, but don't know how myself.  Perhaps someone else
> can shed some light?
I spent some time attempting to locate these tidbits, and first glance
the simplest I can find is:

Taskbar/MS Office Toolbar ish behavior. technically this should do what
you need, but its not the simple answer you may have been looking for.

I'll do a bit more diggin to see if we can't make this a ittle simpler
for the both of us, as I am interested in it as well. (As I am with any
nifty addition to win32-gui)

Jason P.

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