...maybe it's just me.  

Using this code:

        $textWindow = Win32::GUI::DialogBox->new(
                -name=>'textWindow',-text=>'',-pos=>[($dw - 300)/2,($dh - 350)/2],-width=>300,-height=>350,-minsize=>[300,500],);
        $textField = $textWindow->AddTextfield(
                -name=>'textField',-text=>'',-width=>275, -left=>10,-readonly=>1,-height=>285,-background=>[255,255,255],-multiline=>1,-autovscroll=>1,);
        $textButton = $textWindow->AddButton(

I expect to get a window that consists of a large textfield and, when the textfield is filled, a vertical scrollbar.  I never get that vertical scrollbar.  It's highly aggravating... I have to select and move up and down in order to view all the information.

I'm using Win32::GUI v. .665.

Am I nuts, or am I missing something?  From everything I've read, this is definitely possible....

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