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Here is another Win32::GUI CONSTANT that appears to be missing:

C:\Documents and Settings\DKeith1\My Documents\My Projects\working\perl\trunk>PO
"TBN_GETINFOTIP" is not exported by Win32::GUI::Constants at C:/Perl/site/lib/Wi
n32/GUI.pm line 80



Sets the extended style for the toolbar. STYLE should be one or more style flags bitwise-ORed together.

Extended style flag constants are as follows:
  This style allows you to set text for all buttons, but only display it
  for those buttons with the BTNS_SHOWTEXT button style. The TBSTYLE_LIST
  style must also be set. Normally, when a button does not display text,
  your application must handle TBN_GETINFOTIP to display a ToolTip. With
  the TBSTYLE_EX_MIXEDBUTTONS extended style, text that is set but not
  displayed on a button will automatically be used as the button's ToolTip
  text. Your application only needs to handle TBN_GETINFOTIP if it needs
  more flexibility in specifying the ToolTip text.

I will log issue/bugs on these if someone can confirm that they are indeed missing from Win32::GUI:Constants

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