here is a sample break from the code.... starts on line 162 ends on line 185.
sub ::btnOpen_Click {
 defined(my $win = $Win32::GUI::Loft::window{winFileDisplay}) or return(1);
 my %file1 = $win->tvwTreeView()->ItemInfo( $win->tvwTreeView->SelectedItem() ) or return(1);
 my $file = $file1{'-text'};
 $interface->execute('check_server', "$file");
 until($interface->get_state eq 'fin') {
  my $void = $win->DoEvents();
 my @return_value = $interface->get_retval;
 my $msg = "";
 foreach my $line (@return_value){
  $msg = $msg . $line;
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Using Win32::GUI and I'm having a problem with the program reporting to windows that it is not responding. I know that it is because of the loop I have the program in but I still want the user to work while I'm processing in the background. I found a reference to $win->DoEvents() but as far as I can see that works but it errors out with "Use of uninitialized value in subroutine entry at line 172" Gah =( I'm starting to hate this... I've looked at the archives but no search sucks =) Anyone have any ideas?