The infamous 0.99 build ...
Go to either Activestate or and find the latest version. Sadly, the version number 0.99 looks newer to the Activestate ppm installer than the current version 0.0.558, so it will refuse to update it. Instead, do
- ppm remove Win32-GUI
- ppm install Win32-GUI.ppd
- ppm query
in the directory where you placed the contents of the zipfile. If you have trouble finding / downloading it, contact me off-list and I'll mail it to you. BTW, depending on which OS you run, you might also want to update your Activestate Perl to something like 5.6.0 build 618 or whatever is newest.
Welcome to GUI and have fun,
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From: John Watson []
Sent: Monday, July 02, 2001 15:50
Subject: [perl-win32-gui-users] NewbieWin32::GUI Dialog() Question

This is part of my first Win32-Gui program that has been converted from a
non-gui program.
When I run it, I get a couple of the following error messages that point to
the Win32:::GUI::Dialog() line.
I also get the message whenever the cursor touches the window.  But other
than that, it runs fine.

Use of uninitialized value at C:\perl522\dev\ line XX.

I am running Activestate 522 with Win32-GUI build .99

Any help would be appreciated.


John Watson

my $t1 = $main->AddTimer('T1', $sleeptime);


sub Main_Terminate {
 return -1;

sub T1_Timer {
 for (my $i=1; $i <= $number_directories; $i++) {
      &exportpdf($impdir[$i], $outdir[$i], $errdir[$i]);