Dude, your awesome I’ve been needing this forever. Thanks so much.


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At 12/1/2003  10:15 AM, Chris wrote:

Okay, I need to know how I can specify a custom color for a progress bar, so it can be red or blue, depending on the status of my application. Ive tried to do it by changing the fill and color commands and have had no luck, if anyone knows anything about how to do this please help, Ive spent 4 hours trying to figure it out now.

Chris and others,

I have been wanting to do this forever myself but never was able to ... until today!!!

I figured out a way to do it and its rather simple.  You need to use SendMessage though but it works.

Here is the answer:

$result = SendMessage($hWndControl, PBM_SETBARCOLOR, 0, $color);

To make my ProgressBar red I used the following:

        Win32::GUI::SendMessage($Progress, 0x400 + 9, 0, hex('0000FF'));

I hope this helps.


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