However, some people have hacked the playschool mode, to make it allow custom themes, which was simply done by removeing the check to make sure the themes are signed, so bow some of use have very nice looking gui’s. I found a tempary fix for the issue, but it’s not very cool, for ($zzz=0; $zzz < 1000; $zzz=$zzz+13) { $Wmain->AddLabel( -name  => "back$zzz",  -text => "                                                                                                                                        ", -wrap  => 0, -top   => $zzz, ); } this will fill the window with the proper color, it’s just not the best.




This happens with most MFC apps. I havent found a way to fix it. This is a crazy bug, most MFC apps will probably exhibit this on windows xp. Microsoft are crazy for not detecting MFC and auto-converting.


The only fix is to disable Playskool Mode in windows xp, which you should have done anyway unless you're 5 years old :)



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Does anyone have a way to resolve the windows xp color bug? If so, I think it would be a wonderful thing to include.