A method I have used for this situation is to store the nodes of the treeview in a hash when populating the treeview, like this:
my %Nodes;
my $treeview = Win32::GUI::TreeView->new(
 -name => 'TreeView',
 my $node = $treeview->InsertItem(-text => $_);
 $Nodes{$node} = $_;
 # More information about each element could also be stored in the hash
A treeview node is simply a number, which makes it simple to store and fetch from a hash.
Then, you can set up a callback for the Expand or Expanding event. The Expanding event is called just before the node is expanded and can be used to prevent it by returning 0. You can use this event if you need it; otherwise use the Expand event. The callback is passed a parameter specifying which node is being expanded, which can be used to look up the element in the hash created above, like this:
sub TreeView_Expand {
 my $node = shift;
 my $element = $Nodes{$node};
 my %item = $TreeView->GetItem($node);
 # Do other processing here
I have used this method to display information in a listview when a node is selected in the treeview. I simply stored the data I wanted displayed in the hash of nodes and then displayed the data in the listview when a treeview node was clicked.
Hope this helps,
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> Date: Mon, 12 Apr 2010 13:36:52 -0400
> Subject: [perl-win32-gui-users] Getting the node that's being Expanded in a TreeView
> Hi, I'm trying to find out which element of a TreeView is being expanded when someone clicks on the "+" beside it.
> The TreeView is generated dynamically from a list of lists, eg:
> ( 1, 2, [ 3, 4 ], 5, [ 6, [7]] )
> yields a tree of
> - 1
> - 2
> - 3
> - 4
> - 5
> - 6
> - 7
> I've tried with the $node_Expand and $node_Expanding callbacks to identify which of the child nodes is being expanded, but I haven't been able to chase down who is expanding.
> Do I need to define a $node_Expand callback for each of the numbered nodes? Or am I missing something obvious?
> (Using ActiveState Perl 5.10.1 with their Win32::GUI 1.06 from PPM)
> --Joe
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