It is possible to capture keyboard input by using the -onKeyDown or -onKeyUp events. Here is an example:
my $winMain = Win32::GUI::Window->new(
 -name => 'winMain',
 -text => 'Keyboard Capture',
 -size => [320,240],
 -onKeyDown => sub {
  my($self, $flags, $key) = @_;
   #do processing here
  return 1;
The $key param contains the virtual key code, and the $flags param contains flags for the event, such as repeat count. See the Microsoft SDK docs for more information.
One problem is that the window will only report key press events when it has focus. This means that if any of the controls in the window have focus, the keypress events won't trigger. An alternative is to use one of the GetAsyncKeyState / GetKeyboardState / GetKeyState methods instead to poll the keyboard when you need input, such as every timer event.
Hope this helps,
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> Date: Sun, 11 Oct 2009 23:25:52 -0700
> Subject: [perl-win32-gui-users] How to capture keyboard key presses
> Hello,
> I have a timer application that uses Win32::GUI, version 1.06, and all works
> quite nicely.
> I would like add a capability so that my $window_main can capture keyboard
> events when certain keys are pressed, for example space bar (\x20), esc
> (\x1b) if possible, enter (\x0d), or one of the keyboard function keys (F1 -
> F12). Users want to be able to start and stop my timer using the space bar
> for example. Is this possible? My $window_main has no input text fields,
> just images and Hyperlinks.
> John
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