> On Wed, 22 Apr 2009, Rob May wrote:
>> 2009/4/22 Jeremy White <jez_white@hotmail.com>:
>>> I vote for adding the XP style request directly to perl.exe - in
>>> almost all cases it's the "correct" thing to do and is easy enough
>>> to remove (and indeed from PerlApp) should you need to. It's also
>>> backward compatible so it wont harm Win 2000 users etc.
> What exactly is the "easy" way to remove the new style common controls
> from an app that requests them in an embedded MANIFEST? On XP itself
> you can provide an external perl.exe.manifest that would override the
> embedded one, but on 2003, Vista, 2008 the embedded one always takes
> precedence. So you'll need to actually remove the embedded manifest
> with a tool like mt.exe, but that is only available as part of the
> Windows Platform SDK, so I would not really call it "trivial".

As part of my build process I use reshacker (a free utility with a command line interface) to replace the manifest that is added with PerlApp:


I think the perl module below can also replace/delete the manifest (although I haven't tried - on my todo list)


As a side reshacker can also be used to add other resources to exe's (such as icons, bitmaps and string tables) and Win32::GUI automatically picks them up.



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